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Rapid test glucose and Ketone Strips
Rapid test glucose and Ketone Strips
Rapid test glucose and Ketone Strips
  • Rapid test glucose and Ketone Strips
  • Rapid test glucose and Ketone Strips
  • Rapid test glucose and Ketone Strips

Rapid test glucose and Ketone Strips

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Modell: ME2K-0806

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Product Information


This test is based on a sequential enzyme reaction.

First, glucose oxidase catalyzes the formation of gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide from the oxidation of glucose.

A second enzyme, peroxidase, catalyzes the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with potassium iodide chromogen to oxidize the chromogen to colors ranging from blue through greenish-brown, and brown to dark-brown.

Reactivity of the test decreases as the specific gravity and/or pH of urine increases, and may also vary with temperature.

Ascorbic acid (more than 50 mg/dl) and ketone bodies (more than 40 mg/dl) may cause a false negative result for a specimen containing a small amount of glucose (100 mg/dl).

However, the combinations of such ketone levels and low glucose levels are metabolically improbable.


Ketone is the specific intermediate product during the oxidation decomposition process of the fatty acid in liver.Including hydroxybutyic acid and acetone,acetoacetic acid.

Under normal circumstances,the body produces a small amount of ketone bodies,which flow to the heart with the blood,kidney and skeletal muscle tissues and are used as the energy source,because blood ketone concentration is very low,generally no more than 1mg/dl,and can't be tested,so normal urine ketone should be negative.

When insulin deficiency,excessive body fat decomposition occurs,urine ketone concentration increased,a part of ketone can be excreted out of human body with urine.

The sodium nitroprusside in the strips and acetoacetit acid in urine react,generating purple red compound ,acetone react secondly,and do not react with hydroxbutyic avid.

The sensitivity acetoacetate is 50-100 mg/l,and to acetone is 400-700mg/l.

Product Description

How do you use urine test strips

1.Read all directions that accompany strips

2.Collect urine in a clean container

3.Dip the ketone strips into the urine

4.Remove excess urine by flicking the strips

5.Wait the recommended amount of urine before reading the strisp

6.Compare the strip color with he color located on the side of the container

7.Categories are negative,trace small,moderate or large


How to read

Urine ketone test strips 2 parameter are very resistant to inference from ascorbic acid.Some strips on the market are prone to vitamin C interference and give falsely-lower or false-negative results.The tests that are most affected are blood,glucose,bilirubin and nitrite.

1.Rapid Results 30 seconds to minutes

2.High quality colorfast colorchart provide consistent,dependable readings

3.Flexible availdiable in up to 12 parameters

4.Cost effective 25,50,or100 strips per bottle,with performance better than or equal to the current market leader at a much lower price.

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